Who can play that?
Everybody. Some puzzles require at least 2 persons to solve, so that’s the minimum. The maximum for our rooms “Paranoia” and “The Poacher” is 5 people. Minimum age is 14 years and children can only play with adult supervision. Attention: The minimum age for the room “Paranoia” is 18 years. NO exceptions!

What should I wear?
Whatever you want to feel comfortable. (Maybe no high heels)

Will I be grouped with other people?
No. You only play just with the group you booked.

When should I arrive for the game?
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your booking.

Is there a minimum or maximum size of the team?
An Escape Room is a teamgame. So therefore it should be at least 2 and maximum 5 people. The less members of your team, the harder it will be. Perfect size of the team is 3 – 5 players.

What happens, if we can not escape within the 60 minutes?
Then we will open the door and tell you the rest of the game.

Do we need special skills?
No, you dont need superpowers. A good portion of cleverness, creativity and teamwork will help you escape our room.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, PayPal, credit cards and SOFORT. At the location you are not able to pay with card, but an ATM is nearby.

I wanna present the game to someone. Is that possible?
Of course, just contact us and we will send the voucher, or you can pick it up in our office.

Am I really locked in the room?
Dont worry, you will be supervised all the time. And in the case of an emergency we will let you out immediately. The game is perfectly safe.