Escape Room Erlebnis in Hall in Tirol

NO videogame, NO virtual reality, NO fantasy, the room is real!

All 4 rooms are available till 31.01.2020 and in March we will open 2 new adventures.

60 minutes to solve the tasks

2 – 5 players are in your team

escape the room with logic, skill and teamwork

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an exciting game for 2 – 5 player. Together as a team you are exploring a mysterious chamber. When the door closes behind you, the countdown starts. You have to crack codes, solve puzzles and open locks. You got 60 minutes to accomplish the mission and escape the room.
Experience exciting hours in one of our Escape Rooms “Grandfathers Treasure”, “Missing!”, “Betrayal in the Monastery” or “Robbery of the Salt Storage” in Hall in Tirol. We are looking forward to your visit.

Our rooms

Four exciting adventures with four different themes are waiting for you:

Robbery of the Salt Storage

2-5 players, 14+


Attention: only playable until 31.01.2020!

The hunter Jakob Hutter was hunting in the mountains and makes a sensational discovery. A new salt mine. He draws a map of the place of discovery and goes home. Back in Hall he wants to tell the news his good friend, while in hall just a big festival is running. He tells his friend the story and they decide to hide the card in the salt store and they go out for a drink to celebrate the discovery. You are the thief and you have overheard their conversation. So you have exactly 60 minutes to find the map and escape from the salt deposit, otherwise you all end up pilloryed.

Attention! This room is located at our 2nd location. The address is “Unterer Stadtplatz 17, Saline 1”, at the municipal music school in Hall.

Betrayal in the Monastery!

2-5 players, 14+


Attention: only playable until 31.01.2020!

Hall, the year 1616. Pope Paul V gave an order to the Coin Tower in Hall to coin a special medal for him. There should be a handover ceremony to the Pope personally, who is in Hall at the moment. One hour before, the coin was stolen. Because of all the security precaution the only place the coin could be, is the monastery. You got the order, to find the stolen medal within the 60 minutes, to keep the face of Hall and the Coin Tower.

Attention! This room is located at our 2nd location. The address is “Unterer Stadtplatz 17, Saline 1”, at the municipal music school in Hall.

Grandfathers Treasure

Grandfathers Treasure

2-5 players, 14+


Attention: only playable until 31.01.2020!

The will of your recently passed away grandfather says, that every relative gets exactly 60 minutes in his office to find the lost treasure. Finders keepers….good luck



2-7 players, 16+


Attention: only playable until 31.01.2020!

Since a few months, a lot of people got missing in the area. Till now there are no hints, about the whereabout of the missing. For that reason you as a special investigation team were asked for help. After some researches you found the location of the kidnapper. But it could be a trap. Can you solve the case, or are you gonna be MISSING! As well?

Just Escape Your City

Brand new: City and Bar Quests – interactive games to explore cities

City Quests

A whole new experience to discover cities by solving riddles on your phone on your own schedule.We recommend to start between 7am and 5pm. (depends on the season, in winter season till 3pm, so you can enjoy the adventure in daylight). With Just Escape Your City- City Quest you can explore the town on your own pace- take breaks, visit the sights, churches, museums, etc… Just enjoy your time.

Every solved riddle brings you to the next station and so you will visit beautiful sights and places and get also intersting facts about them.

Bar Quests

A whole new experience to explore the nightlife of a city. You are a team of agents who were send on a mission to save the city. Your team needs to find clues, solve riddles and find the antidote in different bars. Welcome-Drink in every bar for every agent is included.

All agents need to be over 18 years old. Will you take on this exciting mission?

Prices and Vouchers


2-3 players … € 69*

4 players … € 79*

5 players … € 99*

6 players … € 119*

7 players … € 139*

*incl. tax

If you wanna book a time slot, please use our booking tool. There are multiple options for the payment.
You can use the payment methods PayPal, credit card or “pay on the spot”, to pay cash.
Payment with cards is NOT possible at the location.

If you would like to book an appointment within the next 48 hours, please let us know by phone.


You are looking for an unique gift? Look no further, present a voucher for an escape game from Just Escape Austria.

Voucher is available in different options:

For 2 – 3 player … € 69*

For 4 players … € 79*

For 5 players … € 99*

For 6 players … € 119*

*incl. tax

Or also every amount you want (the rest needs to be paid on the spot)

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